Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goalie Nutrition

Many players active in today’s game have changed their eating habits and fluid intake, which helps their performance on and off ice. Carbohydrates are your main energy source in physical activity. If you have had bad nutritional eating habits your training could be all for nothing. Here is a sample of good, nutrition that will help you in your practices and in games.

1. Before your practice or game you should consume food that makes it easy on your system to absorb, and should be taken 3-4 hours prior to the practice, or game.

2. Consume a solid amount of carbohydrates that will increase the blood sugar level, 3 hours before the practice or game. Eg. (green peas, carrots, fruit, yogurt, oranges).

3. When the practice or game is over you should start consuming food that will get your blood sugar back up. Eg (juice, baked potato, chocolate).

You should be eating a lot of pasta, rice, breads, and vegetables, all of these foods are good carbohydrates and will control your appetite better. These foods should be eaten the night before the game and the day of the game, and eaten regularly throughout the week to help perform better in practice and games.

You should avoid having any sugars within an hour of competition weather it be a practice or a game. Consuming sugars close to game time or practice, will give you a boost and also make you tire out quickly, so avoid sugars close to competition.

Fluids are very important to your performance. Your body weight contains 60% of fluid wight so it is so important to understand the importance of fluid. If you have the slightest percentage of dehydration, your performance will be affected. Fluid in-take should happen all day especially close to game time. Drink plenty of fluids. Make sure you do this for maximum results. After the even you should be drinking lots of fluids like water or juice.

Athletes should avoid fat foods as they get absorbed slowly. Although not all fatty food is bad for you, saturated fats are the enemy, unsaturated fats can be good for you . Eg. Fish is a healthy food because it contains essential fatty acids which can help your body. Other good fats are sunflower oil and sesame oil, but it doesn't mean you need a big portion of any of these. When you look after your body by eating well and drinking the right fluids your performance will improve significantly in a matter of time. Just keep in mind that you need to eat lots for maximum energy.

Example of a good breakfast

- Water
- Protein Shake
- Cereal with milk
- Banana, or some other fruit

Example of a good snack

- Protein Shake
- Fruits
- Vegetables

Example of a good pre-game meal

- Water
- Juice
- Soup
- Fruit

Example of a good post-game meal

- Water
- Juice
- Protein Shake
- Chicken/Tuna
- Recovery Drink

Example of a good Lunch/Supper

- Water
- Bread
- Potato's
- Steak
- Rice
- Salad

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