Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 7 Goalie Camps in North America

Camp #1: GDI

GDI is a world-leader in the development of hockey goaltenders. The tools and techniques developed by GDI have revolutionized the way that goalies play the game. Traditionally, GDI has conducted summer camps, in-season and off-season consulting programs and published an array of development resources and periodicals. Over the course of GDI's history, it's reputation has grown due to exceptional knowledge of the goaltending position and the ability to consistently convey that knowledge to coaches and goalies. The founder and president, Ian Clark (Roberto Luongo's Goalie coach), can be credited with establishing this unparalleled success.

Camp #2: Dynamic Goaltending

Their coaches have a comprehensive understanding of goaltending and hockey in general. This experience allows them to thoroughly assess each goaltender which results in a development program that addresses weaknesses and improves strengths. Development is achieved through the breaking down of skills into their manageable components. As a component is mastered a subsequent component is added. As mastery of a skill is achieved a drill with greater complexity is added to progress development through repetition and instruction.

Camp #3: Future Pro

Former NHL goaltender, Steve McKichan, BS.Ed, has been turning goalies into Future Pros for nearly two decades. His program has become the most popular, full-time, personally delivered program in North America. Future Pro is the ONLY program available with the unique combination of credentials, commitment, quality and proven results. Steve has worked as Ed Belfour's Goaltending Coach and as the Goaltending Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs from 2004 - 2008

Camp #4: Goaltending Consultant Group

Goaltending is the key to winning hockey games. Without a great goalie a team has a limited chance of going far, but the goaltender is still the most neglected major position in all of sports. The Goaltending Consultant Group consists of many of the top goalie coaches in North America. They are committed to providing goaltenders the best resources available in order to give them the greatest opportunity to succeed. The GCG Consultants provide one of the best on-ice skill developments available.

Camp #5: Rick St. Croix School of Goaltending

Former NHL goalie Rick St. Croix has developed an internationally recognized training program designed specifically for goalies. All programs designed by Rick follow these principles:

- Provide the best personal goaltending instruction available

- Encourage sportsmanship, fair play and a positive attitude towards coaches

- Have fun while learning the skilly of the game

Rick's programs are designed to address the needs of all ages (7 and older) and skill levels (casual, tiered, junior, and pro). In fact, Rick currently serves as the Goaltending Coach for the Manitoba Moose (Cory Schneider) of the AHL.

Camp #6: Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools

In 1984, Jon Elkin started his hockey goalie school at 16 years of age as a part-time venture in Montreal, Quebec where he grew up. He moved to Toronto 15 years ago to operate the school full-time. Since then the school has grown into the largest hockey goalie school in the world. It operates year-round seven days per week including ten straight weeks of summer goalie hockey training where students congregate from all over the world to learn modern day hockey goalie tips and techniques. Jon Elkin has a passion and drive for growing goaltenders which is one of the main reasons his camps are all so good.

Camp #7: Jim Park Goalie School

Since 1985 the Jim Park Goalie School has been teaching the butterfly style to goalies of all ages and skill levels from around the world. Long before there was a"Quebec Butterfly" and even before Patrick Roy won his first Stanley Cup we knew that the butterfly was the key to developing successful goaltenders. when others were criticizing the butterfly style and telling goalies to stay on their feet we were teaching an encouraging goalies to use the butterfly because it was to their advantage. Now, virtually every successful goalie at the junior, college, and pro level use the butterfly to make over 80% of their saves. Over 20 years later we are still the butterfly experts and white goaltending has changed tremendously in that time we have continued to study, adapt and refine the way that we teach the position.
Jim Park Breaks Goaltending down into these key areas:
- Skating and Mobility
- Skill Development
- Focus
-Save Selection
- Rebound Control
- Recovery


  1. Surprised no one responded to your post. Any change in 2010 and any difference on the age of the goalie? Which of these have you attended and how did you come up with this ranking?


  2. Is there any interest by any of the goaltending coaches to come to Cape Town south Africa for a seminar?