Monday, July 13, 2009

The Basic Butterfly

The butterfly is the most used save in hockey. It's used so often because most shots that come your way will be low. If they are high, they will most likely hit or go over your shoulder if you challenge the shooter. Most goalies use the butterfly because then you go down and are tight and compact, there is really no where to shoot and score. The butterfly is often used on close range shots because it's more of a blocking shot than a catching shot and if the shooter is in so close you will not have any time to react so you just need to make yourself as big as possible.

Here are a couple of key things to remember when going into the butterfly:

- Keep your knees on the ice

- Keep your stick in front of your pads on the ice

- Knees together but toes as far out as possible (covers more lower net)

- Glove and blocker just above the pads, out in front, and close to your body

- Keep your body upright

- Body should be square to puck to get maximum net coverage

- Challenge the shooter so there is no net showing

If you do these things every time you do your butterfly, it can increase your performance greatly.

Here is a picture of a good solid butterfly

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