Thursday, July 16, 2009

Screen Shots

As you progress to a higher level of hockey you will soon find that there are a lot more screen shots. There's a lot more because the shots are so much harder so they just pass the puck to the point and get guys in front of you. This is a very common thing as you progress through the levels. Most goals these days you see in the NHL come from the point with at least one of their guys in front of the goalie. You will not always stop them but here are a couple of things that you should do to improve the amount of screen shots you save.

- Get in a low stance to locate puck and look around player

- Stand up as long as possible, don't commit until shot is taken

- Get as close to the screened player as possible

- Cover all low areas because that is where most goals are scored

- Stay square to puck

- Keep stick on ice

- Use your butterfly, or paddle down save

- Locate and cover rebound quickly so there is no second chance

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