Sunday, June 28, 2009

Marc-Andre Fleury Takes Home The Cup

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals would broil down to goaltending. Marc-Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins comes up huge in the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs. There is no doubt that he is one huge reason for the Penguins to take home the cup. The performances that he was displaying was incredible. It didn't always seem like it to the media. Often they would speak about a bad game or a bad goal and not really give Marc-Andre Fleury any credit. If he had a good game, all the glory would go to Crosby and Malkin. If the team played bad, it seemed that the problem was the goalie.

Fleury is a well deserving goalie for the Stanley Cup. He has such a drive. Even down 2-0 in the series he had a positive attitude and he didn't quit like most goalies would do. He kept battling game in and game out for the whole playoffs. For such a young guy, I give him lots of credit. He has awesome mental toughness and is so fast which is one of his keys to success."I've played with him a long time, and he's developed as a goalie," Pittsburgh defenseman Rob Scuderi said. "But I think mentally he's gotten leaps and bounds better." Now from seeing Fleury in the playoffs for two years straight, its obvious that he is a great playoff goalie and plays calm under pressure.

Check out this video of Marc-Andre Fleury after winning the Stanley Cup:

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