Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NHL Goalie with Most Points

Playing In goal is all about stopping the puck for most goalies. That wasn’t the case for some of these tope goalies. These goalies could not only stop the puck, but act like a third defenseman to the team and capturing tons of assists. Here is a list of the NHL goalies with the most points.

Most Points by a Goaltender, Career

Tom Barrasso, 48 assists
Grant Fuhr-46 assists

Most Points by a Goaltender, One Season

Grant Fuhr, 1983-84, 14 assists
Ron Hextall, 1988-89, 1 goal, 8 assists

Curtis Joseph,, 1991-92, 9 assists
Mike Palmateer, 1980-81, 8 assists
Grant Fuhr, 1987-88, 8 assists
Tom Barrasso, 1992-93, 8 assists
Ron Hextall, 1987-88, 1 goal, 6 assists
Mike Vernon, 1987-88, 7 assists

Most Points by a Goaltender, One Game

Jeff Reese, Feb 10, 1993, 3 assists

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  1. Following last night's Habs game against Columbus, I was wondering if 10 goals against the same goalie in a game is a record, and if not, what is the record ?