Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NHL Goalies Credited with a Goal

Indirect Goal: Goaltender credited for goal but opposition scored on their own net

Direct Goal: Goal was scored by shooting the puck directly into oppositions net


Name: Billy Smith
Team: New York Islanders
Season: 1979-80
Date: November 28, 1979
Opposing Team: Colorado Rockies
Indirect Goal


Name: Ron Hextall
Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Season: 1987-88
Date: December 8, 1987
Opposing Team: Boston Bruins
Direct Goal


Name: Ron Hextall
Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Season: 1988-89
Date: April 11, 1989
Opposing Team: Washington Capitals
Direct Goal


Name: Chris Osgood
Team: Detroit Red Wings
Season: 1995-96
Date: March 6, 1996
Opposing Team: Hartford Whalers
Direct Goal


Name: Martin Brodeur
Team: New Jersey Devils
Season: 1996-97
Date: April 17, 1997
Opposing Team: Montreal Canadians
Indirect Goal


Name: Damian Rhodes
Team: Ottawa Senators
Season: 1998-99
Date: January 2, 1999
Opposing Team: New Jersey Devils
Indirect Goal


Name: Martin Brodeur
Team: New Jersey Devils
Season: 1999-2000
Date: February 15, 2000
Opposing Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Indirect Goal


Name: Jose Theodore
Team: Montreal Canadians
Season: 2000-01
Date: January 2, 2001
Opposing Team: New York Islanders
Direct Goal


Name: Evgeni Nabokov
Team: San Jose Sharks
Season: 2001 - 02
Date: March 10, 2002
Opposing Team: Vancouver Canucks
Direct Goal


Name: Mika Noronen
Team: Buffalo Sabres
Season: 2003-04
Date: February 14, 2004
Opposing Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Indirect Goal


Name: Chris Mason
Team: Nashville Predators
Season: 2005-06
Date: April 15, 2006
Opposing Team: Phoenix Coyotes
Indirect Goal

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