Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Make a Successful Outlet Pass

1. A goalie must keep their head up at all times while moving the puck above or below the goal line to analyze the oncoming pressure.

2. While behind the goal line, savvy ice awareness is essential. With a limited number of options available, being able to read the on coming pressure is crucial. A decision must be made on which way to play the puck; if the puck should be stopped and left for a teammate, make a direct pass or wrap the puck around the boards. If pressure comes unexpectedly, don’t panic. Remember, with a simple T-push or a spin of the body, a goalie now has created a new outlet angel to get the puck out of harms way.

3. Execute the play quickly and without hesitation. Remember, to play K.I.S.S and don’t be flashy!!

Goalies, keep in mind that sometimes playing the puck doesn’t always go as planned. If this is the case, don’t forget to quickly get back into your crease and protect your number one priority, the net! Goalies that have confidence in their puck playing ability and play K.I.S.S will have less hesitation and greater poise when venturing outside the crease to play the puck. Good luck!

Here is a photo of a goalie playing the puck properly.

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