Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remember To Play K.I.S.S When Playing The Puck

The position of goaltending is consistently evolving. A goaltender will not be successful until they recognize their ability to control plays with their puck playing skills are key in the game of hockey. Goalies that consistently have confidence in their puck playing ability above and below the goal line become a valuable assist to their team. However, making mechanical mistakes while playing the puck can be costly!

When a goalie leaves the crease to play the puck, remember to not over handle the puck or make a bad decision with the puck especially away from the net. Goalies that remind themselves to play K.I.S.S will always be successful. K.I.S.S is a term used to Keep It Simple - Stupid when playing the puck outside the crease. Making a blind pass or trying to be flashy with ones puck playing skills will get a goaltender in trouble.

Goalies are their own worst enemies when playing the puck outside their crease. A flashy puck player will likely make rash decisions and pay for it by getting caught out of position. Whether it’s making a poor clearing attempt to a teammate or a bad pass off the high glass, why do so many goalies find the need to put themselves in these types of situations? Some of the best puck playing decisions a goalie makes are the simple plays that do not draw any attention to them while doing it. It’s common to see a goalie below the goal line trying to make a flashy, off the high glass outlet pass; hesitate, fumble the clear and scrambles to get back into the net while the other team finds a way to score. It’s seen way too often. REMEMBER TO MAKE THE SIMPLE PLAY!!

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