Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goalies Battling For 2010 Olympic Spot

There is a lot of talk about which goalies will be picked for the 2010 Team Canada Olympic spot. It seems that they have narrowed it down to 5 goalies. These goalies are Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, Steve Mason, Cam Ward, and Marc-Andre Fleury. All five of these goalies have their pros and cons.
Martin Brodeur- He has a lot of experience and has led Team Canada to a gold medal before. Some people say hes past his prime and getting washed up.

Roberto Luongo- He has a couple of gold medals from Team Canada Experiences and has always been playing great but this season he hasn't proved anything yet.

Steve Mason- He led his team to a gold medal at the World Juniors and won rookie of the year. He has proves himself to be one of the best in the NHL.

Cam Ward- He has one gold medal with Team Canada under his belt and has always been reliable but not so much this season.

Marc-Andre Fleury- Marc-Andre Fleury has always been great in goal, he has 2 silver medals with Team Canada and since winning the cup last year he has really been playing well.

All of these goalies are great goalies and it would be very hard to pick a specific one. I think that they all have an equal shot at making the team.

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