Monday, November 23, 2009

The Pressure Of Playing In Montreal

A lot of people from Montreal keep on complaining about young 22 netminder Carey Price. Their always on his back every time he makes a single mistake but then when he plays great their his best friend. After a bad game no wonder its so hard for him to bounce back, he has all of Montreal on his back complaining about him. Whenever he plays great they always talk about how they have such a good young all-star.

Its hard for such a young goalie to deal with that kind of stuff. Montreal shouldn't be putting him down. They should bring him up and make him feel good. Even if he plays a bad game they should be encouraging him not putting more pressure on him. Yet they wonder why he cant be consistent, maybe the fans should be more consistent with their encouraging and then I see no problem why he wont play at the top of his game.

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