Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movement Drills

Doing movement drills is so important for goalies because if you can't move fast, you can't get your body in front of the puck like you should because otherwise you need to try and catch the puck to stop it. Goalies of all levels should be doing these drills or similar ones. The more movement drills you do, the better and faster you will become which will make you a much better goalie. Try and do these drills that are outlined here every time you go on the ice and you will notice a big difference.

This first drill is one of the most basic drills you can do to warm-up. It's called the house drill because it sort of outlines the shape of a house.

Directions: Start on X1 in your ready stance. T-push to X2 then stop. Rotate and T-push to X3. Stop, rotate and T-push to X4. Then do it starting from X4 back to X1.

The next drill is the "Y" drill this is a great drill if you are training for breakaways.

Directions: Start at X1. T-push to X2 and then scull out to X3 and stop. Skate backwards until you hit the top of your crease, then rotate and T-push to X4. Do it again except start from X4.

The next drill is the "Z" drill. This one is great for working on your lateral movement.

Directions: Start on X1. Shuffle over to X2. T-push out to X3 and then rotate and T-push over to X4. Then do it back to X1. Try starting on both posts.

The last drill is the half moon shuffle. This drill will help you with your angles and leg power.

Directions: Start on X1 and shuffle along the top of your crease to X2 and then back again

Always remember that the better your movement, the more saves you will make. Whenever you're doing movement always keep your head up, hand in front, stick on the ice, and lead with your eyes. Keep doing movement drills and you will find you will be getting a lot better a lot faster. Try doing variations of these drills. Try adding butterfly's or shots just to keep changing it up.

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