Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Equipment You Need To Become a World Class Goalie

Goalie equipment is arguably the most complicated equipment to put on of any sport. Goalies also wear the most equipment of any other sport out there. You need so much equipment because if you are standing in front of a 90 mph slap shot, you don't want to get hurt. Ill make a list of the things that you need and some extra things you can get if you like but are not necessary. I will put it all in order of what to put on first.

Must Need Equipment:

1. Jock - Used to protect the pelvic area

2. Waist Strap - Used to keep up your hockey socks

3. Goalie Pants - Used to protect your legs and lower mid section

4. Goalie Skates - Make sure you get goalie skates and not player skates, they are two very different types

5. Goalie Pads - Used to protect your legs

6. Neck Guard - Keeps sticks and skates from cutting your throat

7. Chest and Arm Protector - Used to protect the chest, stomach, shoulders, and arms

Then put on your jersey.

8. Goalie Helmet - Make sure that you get a goalie helmet and not a player helmet because they are two very different helmets

9. Glove and Blocker - Keeps your hands safe and allows you to catch and block pucks.

10. Goalie Stick

If you have that you are ready to hit the ice. There are some additional things you can get that may help you. Here's what they are:

1. Mouth guard - Used to avoid concussions and keep your teeth safe.

2. Under Armor - Used to keep your body dry so you can stay comfortable throughout the ice time

3. Overalls - Used to hook up to your pants to avoid loose and saggy pants

4. Throat Shield - Hooks up to your helmet and protects your neck so pucks can't hit your neck

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